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One of the major trends in the design of interiors currently has theuncompromising modern look of raw concrete surfaces.
The material has the feel and appearance of the original concrete surface. The mineral surfaces are handmade in Germany from a two-component polymer-mineral powder system applied to different backing for strenght and flexibility.
Recreate the appearance and tactile sensation of the original
material with these innovative veneers.
Standard Roll size: 300 x 100 cm.
X STONE Rust create a distinctive look for designers and architects to create a room, furniture, or any wall with that special touch.
The minerallic surfaces are handmade from a two-component
polymer-mineral powder system which are suitable for many
internal and external applications. X STONE currently offer two
material variants, a smooth surface rust and a structured
checker plate.
Standard Roll size: 300 x 100 cm
Sandstone rolls are bonded with the dispersion of sediment quartz
sand or fine sand.
Sandstone rolls are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Due to their flexibility, our products can also be employed to round and curved surfaces.
Standard Roll size: 273 x 110 cm.
Special Series
Standard Roll size: 300 x 100 cm.
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