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Try to imagine a tile that is as light as feather, that you can bend, and that can be cut like cork. Floor pannels by X STONE is a lightweight tile with a very thin layer of mineral surfaces concrete applied on a material backing of cork making the thinnest concrete tile on the market
Easy & Safe
Concrete Floor Tiles are easy to install. People who handle these panels, saves energy and labor. Also, the replacement of old tiles is easy as with carpet tiles.
Tiles are only 4 mm. in thickness making them easy to transport and to store compared conventional stone tiles and weighs only about 2 kgs.!
The cork element in a concrete floor tile also functions as a sound damper, In comparison with a conventional hard flooring surface. slimstone reduces the foot fall sound by up to 17 dB.
Standard Tile size: 120 x 80 cm.
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