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SonexAsia is a leading provider of acoustic and noise control solutions. It’s safe to install because of the low product weight, does not substantially increase the load on the structure, no aging and can be recycled for the purpose of heat and material recovery. Solutions for all types of commercial, educational, institutional, entertainment, transport and industrial applications.
TSI Contracts (Thailand) is the main product applicator for SonexAsia. We are the specialist of ceilings in term of supply and install.
• Adherable products
These adhesive products are designed to improve room acoustics in many applications. 
The adherable acoustic products are installed to reduce the reverberant noise levels in schools, offices, sport center, call center, night clubs and bars, conference rooms, daycare center, theatre, and many other commercial, industrial and recreational facilities.     
• Suspended systems
SonexAsia has a complete product range of suspended systems for vertical or horizontal applications. 
Our acoustic products are available in round and sheet baffles. The Rondo Baffle is well known for 
its application in multi purpose facilities and sports facilities. In high demand for modern sport facilities. 
Product advantage 
    • Excellent acoustic properties in a wide frequency range     
    • Products meet all international fire regulations     
    • Open cell structure, which guarantees a high acoustic performance     
    • Low density     
    • Easy to install      
    • Safe for humans and the environment     
    • Resistant to high humidity 


Plano acoustic panels 
Pyramid acoustic tiles
Absorber wall / ceiling panel lpd
Plano acoustic panels are used to reduce the reverberant noise levels in schools, offices, sport center, call center, night clubs and bars, conference rooms, day care center, theatre etc.
The pyramid like surface acoustic tile provides the greatest area of absorption of all. Because of it’s excellence acoustic specifications our SonexAsia pyramid is used in a wide range of architectural environments.The SonexAsia pyra is frequently used in following room acoustic applications: Universities, restaurants and cafeterias, recording studio’s and home cinemas, offices and meeting rooms. Also frequently used for following industrial and noise control applications: Pump- and engine rooms, enclosures for airco system in buildings, enclosure for lift engine room in buildings.
Product advantage:
Flexibility in dimensions
Excellent sound absorption
Environmental friendly, free from synthetic and natural fibre, halogens and CFC’s
Cost saving due to reduced installation time
Impact resistant
Fire retardant
Plano baffle
Rondo baffle
Plano sound absorbing panels are installed vertically or horizontally against the ceiling. This high efficient system has excellent acoustic performance in terms of sound absorption and is easy to install and does not effect the ceiling construction.
The Rondo Baffle, the round solution for sound absorption. For a creative solution to solve your acoustic problem, our SonexAsia Rondo Baffle can be hung both vertically and horizontally. Ideal in situations with low headroom.
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