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Raised Floor & Toilet Cubicles
Raised Floor & Toilet Cubicles
Efficiency in today's office is dependent on the use of electronic equipments which can accommodate rapid changes in technology and workflow. For optimal operation, these equipments require not only wires, cables and temperature control, but also quick access to services for relocation, expansion and upgrades. This flexibility is best served by the use of Eleva access flooring system - an intelligent approach for creating a more efficient office.
Eleva access flooring system is designed to meet the functional requirements of intelligent office buildings, computer / server rooms, clean rooms and telecommunication centres. Its designs contribute to the beauty of office, whilst maximising space utilisation and improving building maintenance capabilities.
Also, Eleva caters to different loading requirements, comes with contemporary surface selections and has established itself in the market. The system is easy to install and relocate, ensuring spacious dimensions and flexibility in room layout. Most importantly, Eleva access flooring system is of superior quality with a very competitive pricing.
Bare Type
HPL Type
Suitable for general office environments, these panels are mounted on aluminium head pedestals to be positively located and allow the most unrestricted access.
Available in:
- Corner lock system for added rigidity
- Free standing system for easy access are flame-retardant.
With concrete, sandstone and rust decors in original texture and colour, the X STONE Surfaces fully meets the trend of authencity and materiality. Our stoneveneer is available in Concrete, Sandstone, Rust and speci al series among many other design variations. We produce unique pieces!
Suitable for computer rooms, control rooms and other similar rooms, these panels are fixed to flat head pedestals and stringers to enhance load carrying performance.
Toilet Cubicles
Toilet Cubicles
Procubix is a leading provider of lavatory improvement products all type of toilet cubicle system.
These products are commonly used in toilet & shower areas, changing room, swimming pools, sport facilities,
leisure centre's, commercial & institute building.
Comet integrated door system is designed to be durable and lasting compared to
conventional wooden flush door system. It is suitable for existing toilets that
have brick wall as an interval.

A popular and widely used system, suitable for any old and new buildings. Overhead head rail bracing produces most rigid installation possible. Available in solid phenolic core materials and moisture resistant chipboard.

Ideal for restrooms that have high ceiling space. Flush
top line gives a modern appearance while simplified construction allows for easy installation.
The uniform overall height of pilaster and door creates a pleasing visual appearance. It is also
adaptable to any building style and interior requirement.
Uranus ceiling hung system offers unobstructed floor space for ease of housekeeping / maintenance.
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