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Handrail System
Wal Guard Handrail is a dual-purpose wall protection system. Other than providing a replaceable scratch-resistant and impact-
absorbing surface that protects walls susceptible to trolley traffic, Rail Guard also serves to support building users in the ambulating
of stairs, corridors and other common areas.

The places where Handrail System may be installed are:
Corridor-Rail System - along the sides of a corridor
Ramp-Rail System - along the sides of a ramp
Stair-Rail System - along the sides of a stairway and landing
In loading bays and light cargo lifts

Handrail System is manufactured from specially developed vinyl acrylic materials and has the following qualities:
Able to withstand high impact and abrasion
Weather resistant and fire retardant
Textured to provide an anti-slip surface
Fittings and anchorages that can withstand corrosion when exposed to normal environmental conditions
Easy to install and maintain
Tested to UL-94 (Underwriter's Laboratory) with a V-0 rating for fire retardation
Designed to comply with static load, impact and deflection requirements in accordance with applicable applications in ASTM-
E894 and ASTM-E935
Grab Bar (GB 45 System)
A. Continuous aluminium circular rail (GB 45B)
B. Aluminium mounting bracket (GB 45WMR)
C. End cap (GB 45EC)
D. Vinyl acrylic texture surface circular cover (GB 45C)

* Available in various colours (see Colour Selection)
GB 45 System
Beta Series (BHR 140 System)

A. Continuous aluminium rail retainer (BHR 140B)
B. Adjustable rail mounting base (HRAM)
* Adaptable to uneven wall surface

C. Impact absorbing strip (B-ABS)
D. End cap (BHR 140EC/I)
E. Corner joint (BHR 140CJ/I)
F. High impact vinyl acrylic snap-on cover (BHR 140IC)

* Available in various colours (see Colour Selection)
BHR 140 System
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